Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Year in Review

Okay so not only am I posting a day earlier than I normally do but I'm also hopping on the whole "year in review" bandwagon. What a year it was! 

I started this blog. You can read my very first post here. This blog has definitely made me more active and forced me to live a little. 

I got inducted into my school's honor society...Alpha Sigma Lambda for life!

Dave and I took a mini vacation to Jim Thorpe and hiked the Glen Onoko Falls.

Dave and I walked the Color Run in July...and yes we will definitely do it again!

I took part in a water balloon fight, partly so I could seem like a cool blogger to you guys....P.S. I lost the key necklace I was wearing in those pics...I'm kinda bummed because I loved that thing. 

I went ziplining with friends and learned that sometimes you just have to let go.

Dave and I went to Vermont and went dog sledding and had pretty much the perfect vacation together. 

I completed my bachelors degree and I'll be walking in May!

And a few favorite posts of mine:

- This post about Squish. Looking back the picture isn't great, but I remember how much I went through trying to get the shot and I love it in all it's blurry glory.

- When I wrote about the moment I knew I loved Dave.

- When Dave "took over" a post and wrote 15 things about me and my response to that.

- This "creative writing" post. 

- These posts on getting through the rough days and keep moving forward.

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