Monday, December 9, 2013

Eyebrow Love

I'm sure you've read it/heard it before. Bloggers, makeup people telling you that you should fill in your eyebrows. Now, most of you should know I'm not a big fan of set makeup rules, but if there was one thing I would tell someone they should consistently do, it's fill in your eyebrows. 

Maskcara has preached it, Kate has preached it, even The Beauty Department has posted a few articles about filling in those brows. Like a good lip color or a splash of eye shadow, filling in your brows enhances your gorgeous-ness. Need proof here is a before and after brow pic of me:

I'm going to point out the obvious here so you don't have to: It's the same exact picture, I just used some computer techniques to enhance my brows to make them appear filled in. 
I'm a terrible selfie taker, I take most of my pictures with my iPhone and it didn't matter how hard I tried I could not get a decent 2nd shot of myself with my darn brows filled in.  

But I digress. If you notice in the 2nd photo, everything seems to pop a bit more. I did nothing to the picture itself except enhance the brows, and yet I seem more put together. I feel like my eyes pop more and the structure of my face changes slightly. 

There are plenty of great, easy products out there to help you fill in your brow. It's really not as scary as you may think. 

Benefit Brow Zings

This is what I currently use. It is a bit on the pricey side, but a little goes a very long way and this is something I'll have for years to come. Just a quick dab on each side of the product, then I fill in the brow. 

elf Studio Eyebrow Kit

I've never personally used this, however word on the streets is that it's a perfect dupe for the Benefit Brow Zings. At literally 1/10 the price, it doesn't hurt to try it first and see how you fare. 

Maybelline Master Shape Eyebrow Pencil

I have also personally used this, I didn't like it as much as the Benefit brow kit, but that just my preference. I prefer the brush to using a pencil. It still worked good and did the trick when it came to filling in my brows. 

There are tons of brow fillers to choose from, these are just a few that I've used/seen before. Either way, take the brow challenge! Either pick up your own brow kit/pencil and fill in those suckers, or head to your nearest Ulta/Sephora and have one of the girls there show you. It really does make a difference!

Do you fill in your brows? What products do you use to fill them in?

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