Friday, December 27, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

Hello! How was everyone's week? I only had to work a full day Monday, then a half day Tuesday so I've been enjoying some downtime. Here's my roundup for the week!

1. Got this letter from my school on Saturday. It still hasn't hit yet that I'm done, but maybe when I pick up that diploma it'll hit me then. 

2. Saturday night, Dave and I got our nephews overnight. Kids are exhausting and I'm not going to lie, I yearn for my quiet freedom when they are here, but it's so absolutely rewarding to see them happy and interacting with Dave that it's worth it. Like when we watch a movie and Jacob insisted on holding Dave's hand.

3. I love surprise gifts and I love my friend Gabby even more. We met at school and have made it a point to keep in touch even after she graduated. She is someone I am certain will be a friend for life. She mailed me a surprise gift for x-mas...ironically enough I bought her a BN classic too, Homer's Odyssey. Great minds think alike!

4. The best part of Christmas is not the gifts, but spending time with family and friends. Having a good haul in books doesn't hurt though...

Sorry for the terrible iPhone picture!!

5. Lastly, this is Nibbler face-planting. This cat will get into any position necessary to get some cuddles. 

How was your week? Linking up with Lauren, LaurenLulu and Jennie!

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