Monday, November 18, 2013

Makeup/Fashion "Rules" I Think are Absurd

I was reading Glamour the other day and I saw their "Hey It's O.K." page. One of the things they said was "Hey it's okay to not have a signature fragrance by the time you're 25" and for some odd reason it annoyed me. 

First off, it's okay to not have a signature fragrance at any age, because some of us don't really wear perfume AND I can't afford to drop buku bucks on many different fragrances to have a "signature" one. Secondly, my experience with anything beauty at 25 was nil. I'm sure Glamour meant well by telling me and all it's other reader's that "it's okay" but quite frankly it only made me question myself even more.

And so that is what inspired today's post, "Rules I Think are Absurd". Without further ado, other absurdities, aside from needing a "signature fragrance":

1. You should always buy the high end brand, because the more expensive it is, the better it works. 

I'll be the first one to admit that there are certain things I feel work better from high end brands, like my foundations. I think every girl is different, some girls can work the Cover Girl foundations, I just can't. I find that sometimes high end doesn't always mean better. My favorite eyeliner? Ulta brand. My least favorite? Urban Decay. Mascara? Pretty sure the pink and green tube is still women's #1 favorite go to.  So, no, high end does not always equate better results. 

2. If you wear open toed shoes you MUST have your toenails painted.

I just want to scream "Bite Me" when people say this to me, or criticize me for not having them painted in the summer. I get that you want your toes to look nice if they are on display, but they don't have to be. Here is my routine if I wear open toed shoes:

Someone once said to me, I have to have my toenails painted, what if I get into an accident? Yes, because the EMT will take your shoe off and call in it "Sorry guys this one's a lost hope, her toenails aren't painted". If you want your nails painted, great. Do they have to be? No.

Same goes for fingernails. I don't have time or patience to keep up on my nails. In the rare event my nails are painted, the paint stays on until it chips off, so yeah...

3. When applying makeup you MUST do up your entire face, foundation and all.

Eh, no. Makeup, in my opinion, is supposed to conceal and enhance. If you don't need to conceal anything you don't have to have a full on Braveheart war paint, if you choose not to.


If you're lucky enough to not have to cover up pimples or uneven skin tone and you skip foundation and move on to blush or whatever, or if you just want to do up your eyes, feel free. If the makeup police come, we can riot and burn our bras together. 

Just not my good Victoria Secret bras, girl is on a budget!

4. Your purse MUST match your shoes.

Pretty sure I'd have to change out my purse everyday for this one, and considering said purse is a literal black hole for all my belongings, that is not happening. 

Now excuse me while I go coordinate tomorrow's outfit with my car.


5. You cannot wear white after Labor Day.

What is this the 80s? 

Source..P.S. Serial mom is a great movie. That is all
The only concession I will make to this rule (and this is my personal concession only) is white pants. But then, I never wear white pants even before labor day so it's not even a concession. 

The point I'm making in all of this is that makeup and fashion is supposed to enhance your beauty. The only rule you should abide by is that you wear what makes you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable. 

And don't worry if Glamour doesn't say if it's okay or not, they always put black bars on their "don'ts".


What are some "rules" that you can't stand?

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