Friday, November 8, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

Hello! Another end of the week is upon us....if you are a return guest, have you noticed my new page design? Be kind, I have no graphic design experience whatsoever and I did it all by myself! Haha!

Here is this week's roundup:

1. Beware parents and future parents...someday I will be teaching your children....

To be fair, I was working upside down, and I caught it immediately. But still...

2. Sunday night our neighbors invited Dave and I out to dinner at our local Hibachi. I'm pretty sure that's a chain restaurant, but if you've never been it's really neat. They cook the food in front of you and put on a little show with the food they're cooking with. It was fun and I really enjoyed spending time with my neighbors. 

3. Sometimes I completely forget that I have a really great view outside my house. I took this picture out my guest bedroom window Sunday morning and it really made me appreciate my house a little more. 

4. My one professor cancelled my Wednesday morning class so I took the opportunity to go to my favorite place--Panera Bread--and catch up on studying and research for papers I need to write. One of my absolute favorite past times is catching breakfast at Panera by myself with something good to read. This particular outing was made better by an adorable baby boy who spent his entire time there trying to get my attention and then giving me a big wide smile every time I looked up. I forgot to get a picture before I scarfed everything down because bagels and cream cheese make me happy. Enjoy my empty cup picture:

5. Since it's gotten colder in my area, I have an extra blanket on my bed. It's soft and heavy, which keeps me really warm. It's also the boy's favorite spot to sleep. I washed the comforter Sunday and Squishee made it apparent that he loved the just washed feeling. I don't think Squish could have shoved his face any further into the blanket. It was just too cute!

That's it for this week's roundup, how was your week?

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