Wednesday, October 9, 2013

There will be Tears

I mentioned previously that I have a nun for one of my professors. I was initially terrified of having her for a teacher but she's pretty awesome. Don't get me wrong, she's tough, but she's also very funny, in a dry way, which is my favorite kind of funny. She's also kind, like she'll be there for you if you need her, and won't smack your hand with a ruler. Which is my favorite kind of nun.

Yes I totally reused this picture, any attempts at getting a decent picture this week failed. 

Anyway, last class I had with her we were all on a roll and there were some very funny moments that I had to share with you. Here are some excerpts of our conversation:

Student- "So wait, which one is dead?"
Sister- "Um, the one that died."

Student (when discussing the upcoming midterm)- "You just want us to do bad"
Sister- "I don't want you to do bad. I want you to do badly."

Student- "How bad is this test? Like how did other students do before?"
Sister- "There were tears."

Sister (after a rousing conversation about the unfairness of having to pay for parking when we didn't before and right before we talked about the ending to Beowulf)- "The parking permits are such a huge dilemma, I'm sure you all only hoped you could have battled a dragon in a cave of gold instead."

Touche sister, touche. 

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  1. LOL this sounds like my kind of professor.

  2. Jealous! I had a nun for a teacher when I was in Catholic school, and while I know she did plenty of good in the community, she was a cold heart in the classroom. We got in trouble for making her angry all the time.

    1. Seriously, that is why I feared this nun at first! I figured she would be the typical mean, strict woman, but she's really nice, she still strict but in a good way.

  3. she sounds pretty awesome! i love how witty she is. sounds like the kind of professor i can respect!

  4. "Um, the one that died" lol perfect answer!!!

  5. Lovely pics! You're professor sounds very intellegent!

    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

    1. She is both intelligent and hilarious! A great combo!

  6. Her comments made me actually laugh out loud! Love her humor!

  7. She should get a twitter.
    "I want you to do badly" That's such a Lit teacher things to say! My freshman lit teacher would ask us how we were doing every morning, and of course we would say "Good," right? She would keep asking us until someone took the hint and said "Well" instead.


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