Friday, October 25, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

First week back from vacation...doesn't it always seem just a little bit of a downer? Especially when said vacation was so awesome? Still, I was able to find five silver linings this week:

1. So Nibbler was pretty mad at me for being gone last week. When we first came home Friday night he was completely ignoring me and when I would go to pick him up he furrowed his brow (if you have cats you know what I'm talking about) and looked at me grumpily. After about an hour or so, all was forgiven and he hasn't left my side since. 

Squish on the other hand was just happy to have someone home so he could chew on some shoelaces, he was loving us the minute we got home. 

2. I was picked to be blog of the week on Northeastern Blogger's website! The only catch is that I realized just how much my "About Me" yeah forgive me for that and that's on the list of things I need to improve!

3. Every time I walk to class I see this paint splatter and I don't know why but I love it. It makes me wonder, did someone do this on purpose or was it some klutzy kid who tripped with some paint? Every time I pass it, I think of a different story for how it got there. Either way, its a small thing that perks me up each time. 

4. I had some tough homework this week in my education class. I was really struggling with it and was near meltdown territory. Dave took the time to sit down and try to figure out what was going on so he could help me, even though he has no knowledge of the course I'm taking. Just another reason why I'm a lucky wife. 

5. I will get Nibbler used to the camera....mark my words. Funny story, Dave and I tested out my theory that Nibbler hates the camera and Squish loves it. I held Nibbler up while Dave pretended to take a picture of him and the minute Nibbler thought the picture was being taken he looked away. Squishee on the other hand, perked up the second he saw the camera come up and didn't look away from it until Dave put it down. That's my boy. 

That's what I got for this week's roundup, how was your week? Linking up with Lauren and Lauren!

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