Friday, October 11, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

Howdy! It's that time again for the EOTWR!

1. This week I was nominated for not one but two blogger awards! You can read my post about the Shine On Award here. I was also nominated for the Liebster Award by Sherrie. I haven't done a post on that one yet, but you can look for it next week. 

2. Remember my obsession with the taco place? Yeah, it's come to fruition. This is the email I sent to my friend Lauren:

3. Saturday night I had most of my siblings up for a game night. We played Cranium and Monopoly. I totally monopolized those punks.

Sorry for the terrible picture.....
4. Saturday was also the day that a local elementary school held their annual book sales. Book sales to me are like Christmas morning. They make me so giddy. I had to put some books back because I had too many. Is that even possible? Having too many books? I think not, but my wallet thought so. 

5. I love my Sunday mornings. I normally wake up before Dave and just relax in bed, reading. Normally this means that the cats climb up on me for some quality cuddle time:
Nibbler and I cuddling, while Squishee lays down my legs
That's the roundup for this week! How was yours?


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