Friday, October 4, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

I'm not going to lie guys, this week wasn't very good. I was actually worried I wasn't going to have a legitimate round up for you...luckily that was not the case.

1. Saturday was a gorgeous day. My town held its community yard sale so Dave and I set up "shop" with our neighbor and spent most of the day hanging out with her, making a quick buck. Then we headed up to my Aunt Penny's house for dinner, which is always a good time. 

Gorgeous, I tells ya!

2.  Thursday I had lunch with Lauren, or Lola as I affectionately call her. We finished lunch early and headed back to work and hung out in the parking lot, chatting. I noticed she had the new Paramore CD in her car and our chat sesh turned into an all out karaoke moment, hair brush microphone and all. You know when the brush comes out, it's serious. It was so fun, almost like she and I were in high school again just being our silly selves. No picture of this moment, because you can't ruin a good sing along by saying, "wait, wait, wait, let's take a picture!". Instead, here is the song:

Still Into You by Paramore on Grooveshark

3. I got an email from the dean of my university stating that my advisor recommended me to meet with the chair of the Middle States Commission. The MSC is a huge deal for my school and for them to choose me to be one of the representatives for the College of Lifelong Learning students was a huge honor. Sadly, the chair is coming to my school on the 16th, which is when I'll be in Vermont so I had to decline. Which totally stunk, but I'm still super flattered that my advisor and the dean even thought of me in the first place. 

4. This week's weather has been amazing for Pennsylvania this time of the year. I decided to roll the windows down and just let my hair whip around (insert "I whip my hair back and forth" joke here). It felt so good to just let go. 

Then I got home and let the neurosis kick back in and brushed my hair out immediately.

5. Nibbler and his arch nemesis, The Fly. Whenever one of these suckers gets into the house, Nibbler runs around making these weird meows at it, then grabs it with his paws, stuffs it in his mouth and eats it. 

Yeah, I think it's gross too. 

That's it for this week. How was your week?


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