Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Do It For Them

I'm not sure I've ever mentioned it on here before but I'm a huge Simpsons fan. HUGE. I even had a Simpsons themed wedding. 

Don't worry, it was super classy, but super fun too. 

Anyway, my all time favorite episode of the Simpsons is in the sixth season, it's called "And Maggie Makes Three". It's about Homer and Marge finally paying off their house and Homer quitting his job at the power plant and working at his dream job, the bowling alley. They find out that they are expecting Maggie and Homer has to literally crawl back to get his job. Burns then puts up this sign at his desk:

There are some days that I feel like that. I'm stuck at my job forever. It sucks. I want nothing more than to leave and start my career. I'm at my job for a paycheck, not for fulfillment. Most days, I long for that fulfillment. Or at least some semblance of happiness for the work I do. 

So how do Homer and I connect? Where am I going with this post? Homer responds to this sign by doing this:

Those days that get really bad for me, I look at the two pictures I have on my desk. One of Dave and I and the other of Nibbler and Squishee cuddling and I think to myself, "do it for them". 

And that gets me through the day. Every day. 

Someday I will have a job that will make me happy and provide me with the fulfillment I so long for. But for now, my little family provides me with the happiness and fulfillment I need to get me by day after day. 

I do this for them. 


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  1. What a great post. I feel like its so hard to find a job that gives you that sense of fulfillment, but that also gives you that paycheck that you need too. It's hard to find that right balance between the two.

    1. Thanks Suzy :), It is definitely hard finding the right balance, I hope I do find it someday!

  2. I LOVE THIS. I'm a substitute teacher and everyday I ache to have my own classroom, my own students. I always have to remind myself that someday, I'll have just that.

    Seriously, always keep that positive attitude in mind and you'll go far. :) Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Great post. Before we got married. I used to complain about my terrible job to my boyfriend so much that I had to put limits on it. But it had great health insurance, I'd explain. And he told me that the health insurance would really come in handy when the job gave me a heart attack. So sometimes you have to get a better job for the sake of your family too. I'm glad you're not at that point.

    1. I like the way your husband thinks! I'll be where I need to be someday, I hope you found that place too!!!

  4. Hi! I'm Marla, stopping by from the NE Blog hop. I like my fries and my bacon soft. Yeah, I'm weird. I love this post. I had a job that I truly loved and left me fulfilled, but because of complications of a chronic illness, I've been out on disability for a year and a half. I strive to get to where I was, something I work hard at everyday, and I have no doubt that you will get there one day, too!

  5. I am also a Simpsons fan. Way too cool you did it as a wedding. I know what you mean in regard to job. But, in this economy, just having a job is a good thing. And you have things to get you through the day, which is good. Stopping over via the Weekend Wander Blog Hop.

    1. Thanks for the kind works P.J. and for stopping by!


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