Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September Mix Tape

Since this month is the month of my wedding anniversary, I was really into listening to a ton of songs that meant something to Dave and I. 

Here's the background to a few of the songs:

::Grow Old with You:: our first dance at our wedding

::1,2,3,4,:: Our second dance with our bridal party, because 1:30 long song isn't quite what you want for a first dance

::Take Me Home Tonight:: I explained the significance of that one here

::Give me Everything:: We heard that song everyday at least twice a day on our honeymoon. It's one of the few songs that can make Dave get on the dance floor

::Somewhere Over the Rainbow:: Dave and I walked back down the aisle as husband and wife to this song. It was in ode to our first cat, Buddy Katt, who passed away shortly after we were engaged. We have a "thing" where if we see a rainbow, it's Buddy's way of telling us he is okay. This song was our way of making him a part of our day spiritually

::I'm Yours:: what my bridesmaids and I walked down the aisle to

Sept 13 by Nicole Kadel on Grooveshark

Hope you enjoy!