Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Group "Shmoup"

My Monday night class is a education course, and it's becoming a quick favorite of mine. However, the professor LOVES breaking off into groups. I dread the moment in class when she says to get together because 

  • I'd rather work alone
  • I'm in a group of students who are at least 6 years younger than me, and trust me, IT SHOWS and THEY KNOW
  • This said group has had several other classes together, they all know each other, I haven't seen any of these people before this class at all 
  • I'm always the last kid picked for dodge ball (metaphorically speaking here)

This past Monday, once again  my teacher told us to pair off in groups of three, she counted 18 of us and said there should be six groups of three, no more, no less, then told us to take a break and come back and jump right into the group exercise. Arg, so not only are most of the people breaking off into teams, they're also doing it as they leave the room. Are you kidding me? This is my worst nightmare!

I came back from the bathroom and called Dave for a pep talk, near tears. Guys, when I say I hate group exercises, I'm not kidding. I'm such a terrible social person, its ridiculous. I went back to class, running Dave's encouraging words through my head, and began to roll up my sleeves, literally. Mid roll on the 2nd sleeve, my heart sunk. Everyone was in a three person group. There were no two people groups, waiting for me to join. There were no random stragglers waiting for the group of misfits to form. 

Just me. 


Then a girl came up to me and said, "Hey do you want to be the 4th person in my group?" 

"Sure, was I that obvious?"

"Yes, hun you were. But it's okay, we got this."

That girl will never understand how much that meant to me, or how close I was to having a full blown panic attack in front of everyone, something that she saved me from. Thank God for compassionate people. Not so much teachers who can't count on the first shot.

Just kidding. I totally love my teacher, I just wish she'd chill on those damn group sessions.