Friday, September 6, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

Holy schnikes this week flew by! I feel like I blinked and I missed it! 

Here is the round up for the week:

1. Labor day weekend was spent up in the rural mountains of PA. You can check out the pictures here. It was so nice just relaxing, outside on a comfy chair, curled up with a book, listening to the babbling creek by the house we were staying in. It's definitely a much calmer environment up there than the typical hustle and bustle down home. 

2. Wednesday was my birthday and it was a good day. I had to go to work and school which was a bummer but Dave did make me cupcakes....who doesn't love a good cupcake? 

3. As some of you may know, I am partaking in the Blogtember challenge that Jenni at Story of my Life set up. This week was the first week and I have to say I'm really enjoying the prompts and hearing what other bloggers have to say. It also makes me feel like I'm finally really connecting myself to the blog, a true representation of me....if that makes any sense. The posts that I've written so far are all here

4. These birthday cards from my co-workers and Lola. I always love a funny card!

5. Birthday love from Nibbler. 

That's all I have for my week, how was your week?

As always, linking up with Lauren!