Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blogtember: Who Are You?

As I mentioned before I'm taking part in Jenni at Story of My Life's Blogtember Challenge. Todays prompt was: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

Here goes nothing....

:: I am hard working and dedicated, thanks to my Aunt Penny ::

All through middle school and high school I worked at the family gas station. Every Saturday I was there pumping gas, helping to work on cars, manning the cash register, you name it I did it. My aunt instilled in me what it meant to work hard. It's something that has helped me get where I am today at work and get me through school. 

L to R: Aunt Penny, Me, Ma

:: I have save the world syndrome, thanks to my mother::

You have a problem? I'll do what I can to help you solve it. Stray dog in the middle of the street? Lets pull the car over and give Fido a ride. Don't feel good? I have a litany of items in my purse for the sole purpose of making you feel better because I rarely use them. Sometimes it's a not so great trait to have, especially when I feel guilty if I can't personally help someone or something, but it's something my mother has to a fault too, and I think it makes us good people. 

:: I am creative, because being a little sister, middle sister and big sister requires some creativity ::

My parents divorced when I was young. On my mom's side, I was the little sister to my big sister. When my dad remarried, I became the middle child in between my older sister and my younger stepsiblings, plus a half brother. When my sister turned 18 and moved away, I became the big sister to all my younger siblings. Did you follow all that? 

So why did this make me creative? Well as the younger sibling, I had to spend a lot of time entertaining myself, sister my older sister and cousins were "too cool" for me. I played alone, A LOT. As the middle child, it fell on me to entertain my younger siblings to keep them busy, since I was never too cool for them (no seriously, my little sister was my best friend growing up). As the "big sister", it was up to me to make sure my littlest brother had the best childhood memories when I was around. Why? Why not, It was fun. 

I am so much more than what is on this list. But it would take me days to think of it and you hours to read it. I won't say this is me in a nutshell because there is more to it than that...let's view this as a quick blurb of me. See you tomorrow for the next blogtember post!