Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blogtember: A Walk Down Memory Lane

A memory you would love to relive
I had a tough time thinking of something to go with this one. There's just so many that I would love to relive. Some cliche, like my wedding, others unique, like the few times that I have gone SCUBA diving. But if I had to narrow it down, I would say it would have to be my trip to Florida last May. 

The trip started off rough and it ended up leaving a huge cloud over my head for the rest of the vacation, so much so that I really didn't fully enjoy it or appreciate it until I came home. When we first showed up at the hotel we stayed at a woman at the information desk offered us $70 to "check out" one of their newly built properties. Call me naive guys, but I had NO CLUE this was a time share offer. I legitimately thought they just wanted us to see the new place. 

I should have prefaced all this by saying I HATE smarmy salespeople. I hate dishonest people who will do or say anything for their own benefit without any consideration of others. Timeshare sellers are the bottom of the barrel (sorry if you are one, but I haven't met one I liked yet). Anyway, at the end of the pitch, and wasting 4 hours of our time when the woman at the desk said it would only take an hour, they proceeded to tell us we didn't qualify for the $70. So not only did we waste most of the first day of our vacation, but it was all for nothing. 

I was miserable, I cried at being taken advantage of. I felt so stupid and so beaten down, it just flat out ruined my mood for the rest of the trip. I viewed everyone in Orlando in a totally different light. Everyone seemed dishonest, money grubbing, shallow people. It's not fair to those people, but that's just what it seemed like. 

Anyway, because of that the rest of the trip I wasn't up to par. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed being with Dave and hanging out at Universal Studios (I may have spent all of the 2nd day the Harry Potter section and Dave may or may not have had to bribe me to get out of there and The Simpsons may or may not have been cloud 9 for me), there was just always a part of me that felt like a black cloud was raining down on me. 

When I got home I realized how much I didn't appreciate my time there and it made me wish I had just let the first day go and moved on from it. If I could relive that moment I would go back and really enjoy my time there. 

So if you could relive a moment, what would you relive?