Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blogtember: Dreamweaver

Today's prompt: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do? (bonus points for fun photos from Pinterest, but don't forget to cite the source!)

I guess the simple answer to this is travel, isn't it? If I were being completely honest, if money was no object, I would live like I was dying. I would do all the things that I've always wanted to do. Yes, I would travel to places I'd love to go, but no, I wouldn't spend my whole time travelling. Why? Because then I'd miss Nibbler and Squishee too much, and no mama should go three months without her babies. 

Here's my wish list in no particular order:

1. Visit Bora Bora and stay in one of the ocean huts


2. Read for pleasure. Between school and teen book club I don't have much downtime for my own personal reads. 

3. Sew. I sew for fun but again I'm a bit too busy to really sit down and do it. I'd love to sew some quilts up, learn how to sew more detailed quilts and maybe even try some clothing patterns. 

4. Tour Europe. 

Paris, Italy, England, Ireland, you're all mine. 
5. Spend a day in bed cuddling my husband and my cats, watching movies, drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream. 

6. Get a DLSR camera and learn how to take amazing pictures, like this:

7. Learn how to cook incredibly difficult meals. Like things that take all night and half the day to cook and five minutes to devour. 

8. Take classes for back massage, basic hair styling, makeup application, home decoration, home decor craft classes....all the things I'd love to be amazing at, that I'm maybe mediocre at. 

9. Most importantly, learn how to relax.  I'd love to take three months and learn to just chill out.