Monday, August 26, 2013

Woman Moves to North Pole with Cats, Redefines Term "Crazy Cat Lazy"

What a catching headline, huh? Some days I feel like doing that. Just dropping everything and taking Dave and the cats and moving to some other corner of the Earth. Start fresh, new and away from everyone. 

I felt like that the other day. Thinking, hey wouldn't it be great to get away from all these people who annoy me? Start in a new, uncluttered home? As the day progressed on, my tolerance for the day was wearing thin. Then my thoughts turned to, forget people, forget communication  I'm taking Nibbler and Squishee (and of course Dave) and moving to the North Pole.  Then I thought to myself (after going over the obvious reasons why that wouldn't be feasible), how funny would that be? 

I could just imagine it now, the media frenzy behind a crazy woman trying to head to the farthest reaches of the Earth just to get away from people, with only her cats in tow (because at this point, honestly, Dave would probably not be too keen on joining). That, my friends, would be the epitome of a crazy cat lady. My poor babies would probably have to be all bundled up, with no birds to watch obsessively from the window. 

Yeah, that would never work. I hate the cold and they don't really like snow. 

On a side note, am I the only person that thinks of headlines in their head? It might be because I was on newspaper in high school and headlines were a big deal, but I find myself doing that every now and then. Is this a weird thing? Haha, don't answer that I already know what you're going to say.

This concludes random, meaningless thought of the day. Have a good Monday!