Monday, August 5, 2013

Water Balloon Fight

At my dad's surprise 50th party, I finally got a chance to partake in a water balloon fight, which was on my summer bucket list. This was entirely made possible because of my mom, who not only bought the balloons needed for the fight but also let it happen at my dad's party.  

Let me tell you, these filling little balloons took forever. They were tiny so you couldn't attach it to a faucet or the hose outside. Pretty much just the pump it came with could fill them up. I tasked Dave with helping me and he tried to figure out a bunch of things to try to fill them faster but nothing worked out. Then he disappeared and I was a bit irked with him. All I had was this ridiculous little pump and a really nice kid helping me tie the balloons. I couldn't understand, Dave never just up and leaves a situation. He's my problem solver.

A hour and many murderous thoughts later Dave reappeared with 3 buckets full of balloons. I felt like a jerk, I should have known better, Dave would never leave me high and dry. Haha, get it, high and dry, in a water fight post? I'm sorry, that was corny. Please don't leave. 

Yes, out of six buckets, Dave filled three and I filled two and maybe a third. But he had a wet bar sink to work with and I had a pump and a nozzle. Once we were set to go, the fight was on. What took us an hour to fill up, lasted maybe a minute. 


Look at the balloon bursting on his shoulder, it's such an awesome shot!

Post fight
It was such a great time, I'm super grateful to my mom for orchestrating all of it and making it happen but next time? Someone else is filling up those darn balloons. 

Photos courtesy of Ali

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