Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Teeth are Tickling my Toes

I follow quite a few teaching blogs since becoming a teacher is something I aspire to be and I'd love to pick up some pointers along the way. Last week most of them posted that they probably would be slowing down in the blogosphere since school was going to be taking up a good bit of their time. I was thinking, "I got this, blogging is something that I'll have no issue keeping up on". Oh hey Nicole? See that thing you're standing on? It's called your foot. Go ahead and insert it into your mouth. 

I started classes Monday and man has it been killer. In fact, I was driving home Tuesday night (last night) and realizing I had no blog post and I was too exhausted to legitimately think of any. Then I started to write this one in my head on the way home and here it is!

Bam! Take THAT foot! 

Speaking of foot in mouth, I go to a Catholic university. In my six years enrolled there I have managed to avoid being taught by a nun. Call it a miracle, call it being savvy, call it being a wuss. I don't care what you call it, I was quite content with not taking any classes being taught by one. Don't get me wrong, I love the sisters! But in regards to them teaching me? They TERRIFY me, I have this idea in my head that they're going to be ten times stricter, meaner, and fail me because they figured out I'm a fraud, a non-Catholic going to a Catholic university. 

Well guess what? In my last semester, I'm down to my last three classes and my Tuesday night class is being taught by a nun. Go figure. It didn't start off too good either. I was sitting next to a girl who I've had classes with before and she was telling me her class schedule for this semester. Apparently the Sister began to speak and I didn't realize it and she stood next to me and said loudly, "I guess some have lost their way". 

CRAP! She knows! She KNOWS!!!!!!! Do they have radar? Should I have worn a crucifix? Then I realized it was because we were talking (der) and the blood drained from my face. How could I have already messed up with a nun and class hasn't even been in session 10 minutes?!? So, in my most innocent "Virgin Mary" sounding voice I said, "I'm sorry Sister". Then she started laughing. Like laughing so hard the Jesus on her necklace was shaking like he was laughing at me too and she said "Oh, she doesn't realize I'm kidding" because apparently I'm one of the few that had her. Then she got super serious again and proceeded to lecture for two hours. She's actually not too bad, she is funny but you can tell she is going to be tougher in regards to my education. Which is actually a good thing.

Hey foot? While you're in my mouth, why not just smash my voice box shut so we don't have any further issues, whaddaya say?