Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello Old Friend(s)

Tuesday night I took my younger siblings out for dinner for their birthdays. Christopher turned 16 on the 12th and Renee and Ryan will be 25 on the 31st. It's been a while since we had all hung out so we were definitely due for some quality time together. 

I SWEAR the boys wanted to be there, cross my heart. L to R: Christopher, Renee, Ryan, Yours Truly
We spent the first part of the night catching up on life. Where we were all at with school, jobs, our futures. Then came the really fun part: reminiscing about our childhood growing up and sharing stories. 

Like the time we made Christopher think he really had magical powers like Harry Potter by stringing up the laundry basket and random objects with fishing line in his room (having bunk beds helped!). Yeah, I was a kick ass babysitter at times. 

Or the time I attempted to roller blade with Renee and my older sister Jess and failed miserably. My ankles went inward before I even got the first roll and I sat down on the stoop, said forget this and went and played with my skip-it.  

And when I would purposely run away from Christopher until he would yell "Stop it Nikki-cole!" I miss being called Nikki-cole. I think he got confused about my actual name when I was younger because everyone would call me Nikki except my dad and step mom who called me Nicole so he just mashed the two together. 

Or when we would play our Nintendo 64 and I would only play with Yoshi and wouldn't let anyone else play him. I always played the big sister card, you know, I was born first so I get first dibs. 

Hanging out reminded me that I don't spend enough time with my siblings and that I need to. And that if you really want a mood booster, taking a walk down memory lane with your family normally will do the trick.