Friday, August 30, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

This week has kicked my ass. I started school, and between school, work and everything else I got so stressed I started getting knots in my neck. FUN. That's why I love doing these roundups, they really make me appreciate my week more.

1. I pulled a prank on my bestie Joe on Friday. He left his car unlocked so I sent him this picture along with the text "guess who left their car unlocked" and then proceeded to shove a Christina Aguleria CD into his player. 

Saturday we both had to work, and Joe learned his lesson and locked his door. So I left him this note on the back of one of my business cards:

2. Dave and I started a new thing over the weekend. Every night before we go to bed we each tell each other one thing we loved about the other during the day and one moment that we thought about each other during the day. It's nothing overly complicated, it's more like "I loved the way your hair looked today, it looked good" or "Take Me Home Tonight came on the radio and made me think of you". It's so simple but man does it make the day complete.

3. Jenni at Story of my Life is planning a blog everyday in September challenge, which I plan on taking her up on. I'll still be posting an end of the week roundup each week and some other non-prompted posts here and there but I'm really excited to try this challenge.

4. Dave and I started talking to each other like we were Bane from Batman the other day. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, watch this video:

Yes, we did complete the whole picture by putting our hands in front of our faces. It was so funny, the stupid, ridiculous things we were saying to each other and it had us rolling. It's the little, silly things in life that help us through the week. 

5. Do you look forward to my Nibbler and Squishee end of the week pictures as much as I do? I spend most of the week when I'm home running around after them with my camera on trying to get a great picture for the week. I end up with about 150 blurry pictures of my cats moving and maybe one of them glaring at me for taking a ton of pictures. 
Nibbler posing....he's my little model when he actually let's me take pictures

Squish has no shame. None.

By the way, they both know "Kiss" now, which is freaking awesome. You pick them up and say "kiss, kiss" and they lean in and touch their little noses to your lips. Squishee will kiss anyone, the little harlot, but Nibbler saves his kisses for just me. I love my cats. It doesn't matter how long, stressful or crappy the week is, the moment I think of them, I always think "it doesn't matter, life is good because of them". 

That's all I got for this week, how was your week? 

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  1. Hahaha! great prank!

    I plan on doing Blogtember too! We're awesome :)

    I think I have a picture of my kitty Bella laying exactly like Squish! I'll have to find it and post it :-D

    So glad you had a great week!! Now that I'm done with my degrees I actually miss the first week back--but not the headaches :-\

  2. Hi Nicole

    I enjoyed your post very much! Everything is so heart warming! Keep them going ya!
    Your cats are sooooo cute & so smart! I am a doggie lover, and I think kitties hate me (I've been scratched a few times) so I prefer admiring them from far!
    Oh and I love your prank on your bestie! Haha!
    Have a good weekend! (★^O^★)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Maggie! I'm an all animal lover but definitely a crazy cat lady, I'm sorry your run ins with cat's haven't been the best, keep looking! Cats are awesome cuddlers!!!

      Have a great weekend too! :)

    2. Oh ya! I think I am going to take up the Blogtember challenge. I am new to blogging so all these activities excite me very much! Haha... So I am going to be looking forward to yours! Cheers!

  3. Girl, no more knots in the neck, ok?!?! Can't be getting that stressed! BUT if it happens again, just tell Dave to rub it ;) win/win there. I absolutely love what you guys are doing before bed. That is so sweet and those little moments add up and mean so much.

  4. haha, love the prank you pulled! I would have put in something a lot more annoying Skrillex! I think that little before bed routine is precious- it's the little things that count!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  5. Good luck in getting back into the swing of things with school! Its stressful but I really miss it!
    Stopping by from HF4F linkup!
    Come link up with us today!

  6. You say this week kicked your booty but it sounds pretty nice! I love you cats. I think I've said that before. They look like mine...only mine is the devil. And that September blogging challenge sounds fun! AND I love Batman. And Bane. And your week :)

    1. Aw thanks Megan! It was definitely a rough week but I still could find the silver lining. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I love how the prank picture is now one of your blog buttons! Have a great week!

    It's Emma Elise

    1. haha, thanks Emma, I had to, it's such a fun pic!


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