Friday, August 16, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

This was a great week! I normally struggle to find the fifth item on my list but this week, the roundup was complete before Thursday morning! Here are the highlights of my week:

1. My nephews stayed at Dave's parents house on Saturday, so we stopped by to see them. They wanted to show us how they could ride bikes, and I captured this moment between Dave and Lucas. 

It's amazing to see them grow up and what new things they've learned every time I see them. 

2. Saturday night's date night, which I talked about on Monday's post. Still smiling when I think about all the fun we had that night. 

3. Tuesday was rainy and dreary. It was just a gloomy day and I was craving grilled cheese and tomato soup, which I mentioned to Dave. About an hour into work I got a call from Dave to go down and check my car. When I went out to it, I saw he had left a can of tomato soup for me! I had the cafeteria at work make me a grilled cheese sandwich, so my craving was satisfied. I love my husband and the sweet things he does for me, it makes me appreciate him all the more. I truly am a lucky girl.

4. Tuesday was also Nibbler and Squishee's 3rd birthday! We celebrated by taking them outside for a little bit (the afternoon ended up clearing up the rain and bringing us a gorgeous sunny evening) and then treated them to a can of wet food.

It's weird to think I've only had them for 3 years. Honestly, it's hard to imagine I had a life without them. We all mesh so well, it feels like we been a family forever, and will be forever. If  pet soul mates exist, Nibs and Squish are mine. Here is a sweet picture of my babies when they were kittens:

5. Wednesday we went and saw "We're the Millers". It was a really funny movie, and we really enjoyed ourselves. If you don't mind adult humor, I highly recommend it. 

That's all for this week, have a good weekend! 

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  1. You're kitties never cease to make me smile!!

    That is so sweet of him to bring you soup!! How lucky you are!! :-D

  2. Awww happy birthday to your kitties! My cat's birthday is tomorrow!

  3. I have heard that We are the Millers is hilarious. We didn't really have high hopes, but everyone keeps saying how funny it was, so we are going to check it out tonight!


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