Friday, August 2, 2013

End of the Week Round Up

1. This week I checked off some items from my summer checklist. The first task completed was that I finished "The Ocean at the End of the Lane". It was definitely a book like no other. It's a short read, and I've heard many people refer to it as an adult fairy tale. If you are looking for a quick, engaging read, I highly recommend it. And for any of you checking, yes I did read at least half the book outside, so bonus for me! I've already started reading another book "Ready Player One". I've had this sudden rash of needing and wanting to read A LOT, which I'm totally loving right now.

2. Sunday nights we have a ritual. Our washer and dryer is in our basement so we have to carry our clothes up to the second floor where our bedroom is. Nibs and Squish take advantage of this every weekend and get a ride up to the bedroom on top of warm, washed clothes. I'm not sure how this tradition started but it's been this way since they were kittens. This past Sunday I decided to capture our weekly ritual on camera:

Nibs at the top, Squish is the bottom photo
Notice how Nibbler looks none to pleased to have his picture taken, while Squishee poses for the camera, this is how it always is. Nibbler hates having his picture taken, while Squish will do anything to get in front of the camera. 

3. Friday night Dave and I had dinner at our neighbor's house. It was a good time, so relaxing and fun. We enjoyed dinner out on their back deck and then went inside and played Dance Party 3 on their kinect...further proving I have no legit coordination. Plus, my neighbor made brownies for me, but purposely waited until we were ready to have dessert to bake them so they were warm. She served them with ice cream, if I didn't already love this chick, this well thought out dessert would have sealed the deal. 

4. Saturday my mom held a surprise 50th party for my stepdad, Brian. His birthday isn't until September, but she really wanted to make sure it was a surprise. A ton of people showed up. It was nice sitting back and looking around at all the faces, some familiar, some not, all there to celebrate my dad.

 He's such a good person and a great dad, he deserved it. While at the party, I finally got to use the balloons my mom got for the water balloon fight (check another off the list!). Stop by next week for the post regarding that, the pictures turned out great!

5. Wednesday night was a nice warm summer evening so Dave and I spent some time just chilling on our back deck. Of course, Nibs and Squish were having none of this "Mom and Papa outside, we're stuck inside" shtick so we brought them out and I captured this sweet moment between Nibbler and Dave:

Moments like this never get old. Ever. I could look at pictures of times like this over and over again and still feel like I was right there living the moment all over again. 

That's the roundup for the week. Enjoy your weekend! Linking up with Lauren!