Monday, July 22, 2013

Favorite Apps

There are a few apps that I'm currently obsessed with and wanted to share with you. I skipped over the obvious apps like Facebook and Instagram because they are what I call "givens"...meaning it's pretty much a given that I use them on a daily basis. Here are my top four must have apps:

1. Facetune- Currently only available on Itunes

I don't normally pay for apps, but Facetune was definitely worth the $2.99 I spent. Since I just started out blogging I don't have a decent camera or the money to buy one. I take 99% of my pictures for the blog using my Iphone. Facetune is like photoshop for your phone, but its a million times easier to use. Here is a quick example of how Facetune can make a good picture, great:

Big difference, right? That's not even half of what you can do, this was just a quick brush over.

2. Buzzfeed- Available on Android and Itunes

I love random facts. I love throwbacks. I love cats. I love lists. Buzzfeed has all that and more. I started reading their website after a friend posted a link on Facebook. Now I go on Buzzfeed every chance I get. I really can't describe the awesome-ness that Buzzfeed is, you just have to go check it out yourself.

3. Postalpix- Available on both Iphone and Android

How many instagram pictures have you taken and wished that you can frame? I have a ton, especially of Nibbler and Squishee. It was nice to be able to take this picture:

and turn it into a printed picture that I can put on my desk:

The prints are fairly cheap too, $0.99 for the first three and then $0.29 for each one thereafter (for the 4x4, other sizes will vary in price). And you can use Paypal too, which makes the app even easier to use. 

4. Bloglovin'- Available on Itunes and Android

I love having all my favorite blogs in the palm of my hand, no matter where I am I can catch up on my favorite bloggers. I came into the blogging world a little late, like I didn't start reading most of the blogs I read now until February of this year...right around the time Google announced they were shutting down Reader. So I figured I wouldn't get use to having Reader only to lose it by finding the alternative from the get go. Enter in Bloglovin'. If you read blogs on a regular basis and you don't have the Bloglovin' app yet, its a must download, right now!

Shameless plug by the way, follow me on Bloglovin' here!

What are some of your favorite apps?