Friday, July 12, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

Why hello! Another Friday has come upon us, hopefully your week has been as good as mine. Linking up with Lauren! Here is the roundup for this week:

1. Spending time with Dave in Jim Thorpe and Glen Onoko Falls. It was so relaxing, I could just feel my soul getting lighter. 

2.  We celebrated July 4th the "traditional" way when we came back to town on Friday. My town held their fireworks show and our good friends, Becca and Bob came by to join in the festivities. After the fireworks we lit some sparklers and set off a few of our own (legal) fireworks. We ended the night by picking out constellations, which was absolutely fascinating. 

3. Sunday I joined my friend that I recently had dinner with for a float down Conestoga River  along with several of her coworkers. It was very fun, but after four hours on the river I was ready to be on land. Plus I really had to go number one and just couldn't with all these random people floating next to me. Needless to say, I was in pain by the end from needing to go so bad and abandoned ship near the end of the float and peed in peace. 

Then, I proceeded to lose my water sandals that I've had since 7th grade...I graduated 10 years ago guys, I've  had these shoes getting stuck in mud that apparently had an identity crisis and thought it was quick sand. You see, in my haste to get away from the group, I was scouting good places to stop and then climb out of the river on my own. The spot that I chose to get out of happened to be the worst possible place to try and climb out of a river. Mud bath anyone? 

By the time I got home, I saw the damage. You see I'm pale, very very very pale. I never tan, I burn. I sprayed, I swear I sprayed copious amounts of sunblock on me, and often. But apparently I missed a few spots. A random splotch on my thigh, the outer parts of my arms, and my feet. My poor, poor feet. They hurt the worst.

Not sure if you can tell but they are red, and swollen, and burnt. It hurts. But either way, I had a blast and I'm so happy I got a chance to hang out with my new friend again.

4. Tuesday I stopped by Ulta and got my brows waxed at the Benefit Brow Bar. I really enjoyed the experience, the girl started by measuring my eyebrows and "filling" in where they should start and end. I was already impressed, by this, but then when she was done waxing and cleaning up my brows she applied makeup to cover up the redness. 

Ok, side confession, before I knew she was going to do this, I was totally planning on walking over to the high end makeup line and "testing" the brand that I normally use so I didn't go back to work looking like a clown. I'm so glad I didn't have to do that. 

Apparently, this is the norm for the brow bar. I'm happy that someone finally realized that sending out ladies looking like we have pink eye isn't the most attractive thing in the world.  My conclusion? If you are looking for a nice place to get your brows done, check out Ulta and Benefit's Brow Bar. 

5. Teen Book Club met this week and discussed Nation by Terry Pratchett. Everyone really loved and enjoyed the book. I knew it was good because my two quiet girls actually talked about it. The book follows Mau as he tries to rebuild after a giant storm takes out everyone and everything on his island. He is joined by Daphne a "trouser-girl" and eventually refugees that begin to trickle in. This was a great read, I really recommend you check it out if you are looking for a quick read. 

That's it for this week, enjoy your weekend!