Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Color Run

 On Sunday Dave and I participated in the color run in Philadelphia. It was our first time participating in the color run, and a 5k. It was such a good time, and is something I plan to do again in the future! 

The Starting Line!

Before getting smashed with color!

 Funny story here. Dave was trying to warn me about a guy who was throwing yellow directly at people. It totally backfired in his face, literally, because when he turned to tell me another girl got  him right in the mouth with yellow color. He was spitting yellow for a good mile. 

After yellow and pink, right before blue (notice the blue cloud in the back) and orange!

Right before we rounded to the finish line!

Before the race, you  had to pick up a packet. In the packet was a race tee, sweatband (we didn't wear ours) and extra color packets. We got purple and pink. Once the race was over we blasted each other with our packs to round out the colorfulness. It was such a neat race, if you get a chance to sign up for one, it's definitely worth it! You don't have to run, in fact many people had their children with them or were in wheelchairs, so don't worry about being in shape!

Have you participated in a 5k before or the color run?