Monday, June 10, 2013

My Secret Super Power

Ok so not really. I have no super powers, unless you consider switching to baby talk at the sight of ANY animal. If that's the case, then give me a moment while I adjust my cape in the wind.

Seriously, I am talent-less. I am not the least bit athletic, and my hand/eye coordination is terrible. Which means you can cross off being good at video games too. I can't sing, or act (I can't keep a straight face through anything), and unless you consider the "lawnmower" as a viable dance move, I can't dance either. I always mess up the punchline of a joke and I can't remember a decent movie line to save my life. If I did I guarantee you I would mess that up too. 

There is one thing able to do and growing up, I thought it was the most amazing talent in the world.

I can lift one eyebrow. 

Seriously, once on family vacation when I was like 10, the resort we were staying at was having a talent show and I signed up and literally stood on stage, my face painted white and my eyebrow painted incredibly large and black, wiggling my eyebrow. That is all I did. Which by the way, I could NOT get that paint off for a good two days! 

Since I was the only one in my family that could do it, they made such a big deal out of it and I thought I was so special just because I could lift one eyebrow. It all started one day when I wanted to give my mom "that" look. You know, the "whatchu talking about Willis" or "are you really asking me to do that?". I was maybe seven and I just lifted my eyebrow without even thinking about it and my mom fawned all over me, "how did you do that?!? do it again!" and the rest is history.

I seriously thought I was part of a select few in this world that could do this amazing thing. I was like an X-man, where is Professor Xavier to take me away with my amazing power? Then I met Dave and gave him "my look" and he gave it right back to me. 

And then I realized a lot more people could do it than I thought. So now I'm back to being talent-less. Which is fine with me, I always felt like those dancing monkeys whose owner was cranking music out of a box anyway. 

By the way, I have multiple shots of Dave lifting each off.

So I have to know, what is your super power?