Friday, June 28, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

It's Friday! I'm running out of creative ways to start these posts. Just pretend I said something witty and read on! BTW, linking up with Lauren @ Lauren Elizabeth, if you are a visitor from Lauren's page, welcome!

1. I think I potentially offended a group of local Amish women on my way to work Wednesday morning. I was driving back roads (to avoid bypass traffic) and noticed a group of girls huddled on the side of the road on their bikes. They looked lost and trust me, where I was at, they were definitely fish out of water. I drove down the road a bit of a ways debating whether I turned back or not. Part of me was saying no, leave them alone, you don't know this area very well, you won't be much use to them; and another part of me was saying, go back, you'll feel guilty the rest of the day! 

So I went back and offered help, and what they needed to know I didn't know, which I should have known better (wow, that's a doozy of a sentence). So I whip out my phone and say ok maybe I can find a route you need on my phone and one of the women very politely said "we have our map, we can figure it out on our own but thank you". Facepalm.

Face. Palm.

Amish don't like technology. I'm not even sure they like dealing with "regular" people (for lack of a better term). And I totally just got all up in their business. They were really nice though, I hope they got where they needed to go safely. 

And without any other random chicks accosting them on the road. Moving on...

2. My mom is super supportive, it's one of the many reasons why I adore her. Since I posted my summer checklist she has been trying to come up with ways to help me complete the list. She recently bought this:

Either because she wants to help me finish off the checklist, or she is fulfilling some deep-seeded desire of pelting the crap out of me with balloons. 

3. I went to dinner with a new friend Tuesday night. We met through my friend Becca's wedding festivities. We had such a great time with our girl's night "date". We went to a local tourist "trap", it's a hotel/restaurant that is shaped like a steamboat. It's actually really neat. We had dinner first then decided to sneak through the hotel to check it all out, then we spent the rest of the night sitting on some rocking chairs talking. I stayed up way past my bedtime. If it had been a real date, it would have been the perfect date. Haha, yes I totally said that. 

4. I found a local "adult night school" online that happens to be in my area. They aren't currently offering anything of interest to me yet, but I'm pretty excited about the prospect of taking random classes such as couples classes with Dave, massage, yoga, cooking, guitar...the list goes on and on. You can check out the website I found for my particular county here

I will say that one of the best things about starting this blog is that it has encouraged me to live a little, go on some adventures, and try something new. 

5. As of this posting, my Taco Dip recipe has had over 60 pins/likes on Pinterest! It may not seem like a lot, but I'm over the moon about it. I have more people than family and friends seeing my blog! Whoo hoo! 

That's it for this week! Have a great weekend!