Friday, June 14, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

Why hello Friday, I never thought you'd get here....

1. I've mentioned before that I'm terrible at practical jokes. I saw a picture on google images and decided to play a practical joke on Dave...and then ruined it. I changed Dave's lock screen to this:

When he saw it he was like what the heck is this? My brain is screaming at me "don't screw this up!!! Keep a straight face!! you can do this!!" so very seriously I say "oh my gosh, I totally read an article about this the other day. If this image pops up on your screen it means that your battery is damaged and you have to replace it". Dave looks really confused like he wants to believe me because I managed to get the whole thing out with a straight face but at the same time its a bit too absurd to believe. And then I laughed. Joke ruined. 

One of these days...

2. So I was going through all my CD's for Wednesday's post about music from my youth and I found a mix CD with "Hotel" by R. Kelly on it. It was on repeat the whole way home. And yes, if you saw some crazy chick shoulder hopping on her way home, it was me. When Dave got home I played it for him and I'm dancing around and he's just laughing at me wondering what I smoked before he got home (by the way, nothing, I'm just naturally silly). Then I got him into it and we pulled out what I like to call the "Chris Tucker". It's at the 30 second mark: 

So yeah it was that move facing each other. Just breaking it down in the kitchen. I love our goofy moments.

3. When I was "hacking" Dave's phone I found this old photo:

I remember hating it when he first took it, which was like 6 months ago. I'm glad he kept it because when I found it I thought "hmm not bad". I also found out that he only really keeps photos of me and the cats and deletes everything else. 

He really, really likes us! 

4. I love using summertime when there's not much new content on TV to catch up on series that I don't watch but people seem to can't get enough of. Right now it's Walking Dead, and up next it'll be Game of Thrones. The only downfall to watching series this way? If it's a really good show, you go through withdraw when you've caught up on past seasons. I know, I know, first world problems.

5.  If you haven't noticed, I love Pinterest. You can check out my page here. One of my favorite things to do is pin recipes and try them out. I've tried a few amazing ones, like chicken pillows, and a few not so good ones (I hate dijon mustard, why would I pin a recipe that uses a TON of dijon mustard?!?). Anyway, this week I made salisbury steaks. I've made it before but I forgot how delicious it was. It was definitely a perfect comfort food meal for a rainy week. 

What are some of your favorite pins? I'd love to check them out! 

Have a good weekend and a better week! 

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