Friday, June 7, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

Hello! Another Friday, another End of the Week Roundup!

1. One of the girls I work with has been a God-send. She is really good with makeup and hair techniques, I'm constantly asking her advice on different things and she has always been kind and patient with me. I don't think she'll ever realize how much her kindness and help has meant to me. Anyway, one of the things she taught me was the importance of shading in your eyebrows. I am constantly seeing other blogs and people on pinterest harping about filling in brows and how you absolutely had to do it. I was really apprehensive about this because I had my eyebrows shaded in once for a special event and I ended up looking like a clown in pictures. She went out and bought this for me and told me to just try it and I'd see the difference, and wow what a difference it has made. I definitely have decided to add brow filling into my makeup application routine. I'm thinking I might do a blog post about before and after to show you how much it changes everything.

2. All I can say about this next thing is kiss, kiss!

Speaking of kiss, kiss, I learned this week that I don't have to force a kiss on Squish's head. All I have to say is "may I have a kiss?" and he leans right in and we touch lips to nose. He literally does it every time. I love it, but I try to only do it once or twice a day so he doesn't get sick of doing it. 

3. Wednesday was teen book club. I always look forward to the monthly meeting with the teens, especially when we have engaging conversations. Hearing their opinions and thoughts about what they read is so much fun, they are all extremely intelligent and have taught me so much. Running this book club has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. Sometimes it's frustrating trying to find time to read the books for the club in between work, school and life, but whenever I come to these meetings its confirmation that it's totally worth it.

4. Nibbler loves water. Loves it. Every day at least three times a day I will find him in the bathtub meowing at me to turn on the water. I caught this shot Sunday night of Nibbler playing with the water:

He will sit under the spigot when it is turned off and let the water drip on his head while he licks up the water around the drain. Then he goes and rubs his head on Dave, every single time. It's hilarious and will never get old.

5. Wednesday night Dave cooked since I would be home late from the book club. He made pork chops and tried out two new recipes using spices in our cabinet and then splitting the chops in two so we could each try half. Oh my gosh were they good! We actually sat at the kitchen table, which we never do (I hate to say it but yes we are TV watchers at dinner time), and enjoyed a delicious meal and talked. It was so relaxing to spend some down time with Dave where our heads weren't buried in technology. I think I might try to make it a point to have dinner at the table at least once a week and see how that works out for us. 

That's what I got for this week, enjoy your weekend!!

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