Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dave's Thoughts on Me

I saw a post the other day by fellow blogger, Styled Like a Rockstar, where her significant other wrote down 15 things about her and her response to them. I thought it was such a great post idea, I asked Dave to do the same thing for me. 

I gotta say, blog post or not, this was a fun exercise to do. It totally boosted my mood reading what Dave wrote down things about me. 

1. Smart- She's smart in the sense that she knows a lot and know's what she's talking about.

I think Dave is saying in the most polite way possible that I'm a know it all...

2. Funny- She's funny in a way you can't act or try to do. It just happens sometimes when she doesn't even want to. 

Ummmm....I think Dave just told you guys I'm that awkward klutz who only gets laughs when she fails. At her own expense. It's true. 

3. Cute- She gives me the face to get things she wants. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Liar. It never freaking works.

4. Teacher- She's a teacher in the way she is always trying to help people understand something. 

I think that goes back to the know it all thing...oh you don't know about this? Let me tell you about it until your ears bleed.

5. Cook- She is a great cook, especially when she tries. 

Hmmm, pretty sure I always try when I cook. If the house hasn't burned down, I've succeeded for the day.

6. Student- She is always trying to learn something new.

So I can continue to be a know it all. 

No seriously, this one was a nice one to read. I always am trying to learn knew things, broaden my horizons, be a more well rounded individual, and it's nice that he takes notice of that.

7. A good person- She is always trying to help people or animals.

Another nice one to see, although I'm sure it exasperates him when I start screaming "brake Dave!!" for the umpteenth squirrel running across the road.

8. Sexy- She does herself up to look good for me and it takes my breath away.

OK, seriously guys, we have a breakthrough here! I've never heard anything more than, "you look nice dear" or "you look pretty". Don't get me wrong those are nice to hear, but to call me breathtaking? Bazinga! Dave, I'm gonna suffocate the crap out of you the next time I dress up! 

hahahahaah, I'm sorry that last line was pure gold. I went back and read what I wrote, questioned if I actually typed something that hilarious and then proceeded to laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair. Sometimes I am awesome.

9. She's got drive.

I love that he likes this about me, but I wouldn't have half the drive I do if it weren't for his support. 

10. She makes me want to better myself.

Wow, this one made me feel good. Right back at you, Dave!

11. She likes to watch me play video games.

Indeed I do. I hate playing video games, love watching them. Seriously, I made him, I mean literally forced him, to play Skyrim for 6 months straight. He finally put his foot down and stopped. It broke my Dovahkiin obsessed heart. 

12. She likes the movies I do.

I am pretty sure Dave was grasping for straws at this point. He's a man of few words, we'll let him slide on this one. 

13. She's got a good body.

Only cause I suck it in around him. 

No seriously, I have to say I love this about Dave. He has always been consistently in love with how I look, even when I was at my heaviest. It's nice to know that he'll always find me beautiful no matter what. 

14. She has nice soft lips for kissing.

Say it with me now...ewww mental image! 

15. She's crazy.

You know it. 

Now run home and bug your significant other to make a list of their own! Then come back and give me the highlights, I'd love to hear them!