Sunday, May 19, 2013

Take Me Home Tonight

Music has always played an influential role in my life (which I'm sure it has for everyone). Music has helped me get through some really tough times and helped mark some amazing times in my life. One of those good moments was the moment I knew I loved Dave and it was all because of this song:

Dave and I had been dating for about three months and I was staying over at his house one night. Back then the only way he could fall asleep at night was if he had music playing. He had thousands of songs downloaded on his computer so he would just turn the computer on and let the music play throughout the whole night. 

On this particular night I woke up from a dead sleep at 2 am and heard this song playing. I had never heard it play on his music list before and I was a bit surprised it was on there. I looked over at Dave sleeping and thought to myself, anyone who has this on their music list is someone I could love, and then this wave of emotion hit me. It started in my stomach and spread through to the tips of my fingers and toes. It felt like I had curled up with a warm, soft blanket on a cold night, or like I had taken a sip of some really good hot chocolate and the warmth of the drink spread through me. I realized at that moment, watching his sleeping face, Eddie Money crooning in the background "I can hear your heart beat faster", that I did love him. It was one of the best feelings I ever had in my life and something that I can still feel when I hear this song, that feeling of knowing you are truly, irrevocably in love. 

Even today, when I listen to this song, I go back to that night and it makes me smile. I purposely had the DJ at my wedding play this as the last song of the night. Dave and I danced, singing it to each other, laughing at our little inside "story". We still turn it on and dance around the house to it, having fun and enjoying our life together. 

So thank you Eddie Money, for making me realize the obvious. 

So, when has music influenced you?