Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Squishee and his "Meece"

Squish is my "serious" kitty, ironically enough, he is also my playful kitty. Nibbler is the lover, the cuddler. Squish likes to play games; for example, nearly every night when it is time to go upstairs to bed he and I "race" to the top. Whoever reaches landing first wins. The only time I ever win is if I cheat by pretending to throw one of his mice or if he stops at the last step at the top and lets me win. Other times he lets me think I'm winning and then as I reach out to tap the landing I'll see a flash of a paw hit it right before me.

Another thing Squish likes to play with is his "meece", which are little mice that make noise when you shake them. Dave and I call them meece because Dave blurted it out one day instead of mice, and the name just stuck. He likes to play fetch with them and it is so darn cute. It's also super cute when you give him a new pack or get the ones that are stuck underneath the couch. He's like a little kid at Christmas morning, his face just lights up. I'm constantly buying him a pack whenever I go grocery shopping, something Dave has now banned me from doing since we have so many of them. What can I say? I love seeing my babies happy. 

The other night Dave pulled a few of the meece out from underneath the couch and I decided to take the opportunity to catch a picture of him in action to share with you guys:

Nibbler is in the background like "Hey! Where you going!?!"

Getting this picture was a pain in the patootie but it was pretty hilarious. I'd throw the mouse then throw myself down on the ground and try to take the picture. Let's look at what I have going against me here: 1. I'm already shaky handed with the whole camera thing, 2. I'm not in any kind of shape so doing any type of graceful move to get back down on the ground is out of the question, it's literally just DROP, 3. Squish has no idea what the heck I'm doing and is playing as normal so I have maybe 5 seconds to get this picture. Needless to say it took about ten different pictures and a lot of blank stares from both of my cats. 

When I finally got this shot I jumped up and down with the meece in my hand, and Squish just looked at me like "Ma, throw the mouse!" and Dave wondered if I had lost what was left of my sanity. 

Just a day in the life of a cat lover and awesome kitties....