Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So we all have our favorite something, favorite color, favorite band, favorite food, etc. I have a favorite word...I'm curious to see if anyone else does...fair warning, this post is a little off the wall, just go with me here.

Anyway, having a favorite word doesn't mean I use it every chance I get, it just means I like the way it sounds, the way it rings in your ears. I like the way it rolls off the tongue, and in the particular case of my favorite word, the way it sounds exactly how it would sound when you do something that would describe it.

So what is the word? It's CRISP.

Think about it, when (if) you bite into a crispy piece of bacon, what sound does it make? CRISP! When you say the word out loud, what sound comes out? Its pretty close to biting into a crunchy piece of bacon!

It's not just the sound that crisp makes though, its the memories and the thoughts that the word brings to mind. When fall begins, the leaves begin to change and the air is crisp it reminds me of hot chocolate, warm fires and everything else that makes me happy about fall. So when I think of crisp, I'm reminiscent of many things that I enjoy in life.

Dave says that when I say "crisp" that it sounds different from how others say it because I emphasize the "s" and the "p" separately. I noticed I do that too, I think its because I just really love the way it sounds. you have a favorite word, or am I just nuts?