Friday, May 31, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

Another week, another EOTWR! 

1. Dave and I booked a mini vacation for a few days over July 4th. I can't tell you how excited I am for it. It was so nice because I had mentioned it over the weekend and I figured Dave either ignored me or forgot about it. Then Wednesday morning Dave surprised me by telling me to book the room and that he'd take care of it. Obviously I'll be posting about it afterwards, really, really can't wait!!!!

2. This week was the week of amazing kitty pictures. I love my boys, they make my world go round: 
Upper Right: Nibbler proving, once again, as long as he gets loves, he will lay whatever way he wants. He is the epitome of "If it fits, I sits"...Lower Left: Squish, who ALWAYS sleeps with his mouth wide open. 
3. I took Tuesday off work because I was suffering from some major allergy issues. It also happened to be raining pretty hard so Dave only worked a half day, which was a nice surprise. We spent the whole day sitting on the couch watching movies and just chilling out. Aside from Dave yelling at me to quit scratching my allergy rash on my dry legs, it was a good day. Yes I have ashy, rash-ridden legs, I'm sexy and I know it! Haha!

4. This memorial day weekend I not only got to spend time with my family, some of them I haven't seen in a while, but good friends too. It was so nice to catch up and chat with everyone.  

This is my Aunt Steph, we always joke that she's my "real" mom and that my own mom is just a cover up because we look so much alike, and we have many of the same mannerisms. Twinsies, anyone? 

5. One of the movies that Dave and I watched Tuesday was "The Impossible" and holy cow was it a good movie. It was emotional, heart breaking, heart warming (is that possible in two movies? yes!!), and amazing all rolled up in a little under two hours. It's a true story about a family who were vacationing in Thailand when the 2004 tsunami hit. It's amazing the strength of love, courage, loyalty and compassion one person can have. The tsunami destruction scene will take your breath away. It won't be easy, but you if you do watch this movie, I guarantee it will affect you one way or another. Go rent it!!!

That's it for this week. Enjoy your weekend and next week! 

I'm trying something new this week too! Linking up with Lauren at Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday! I've mentioned how awesome she is previously here.