Friday, May 17, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

I'm noticing a trend with these end of the week life is not as eventful as I thought it to be. Which is most definitely NOT a bad thing. Here are the un-events for the week (haha):

1. The changing of my blog name. I put a lot of thought into whether or not I should change my name. I had everything designed for at least three weeks and I spent countless hours finding just the right font for the header (not to mention downloaded countless fonts!) and just the right color for the page. I was hesitant to change it over and just kept sitting on it, which was frustrating for the part of me that wants everything down NOW and knew this would look good. Saturday I came home after Becca's amazing bridal shower and I just went for it. I sat down and it just hit me that the time had come to take the leap. I forgot how much work was behind designing the layout of my blog, but it was also a ton of fun. And aside from my bestie Joe thinking I named my blog Nicole Mur-ica (like America, but pronounced hillbilly like), it was a great transition!

2. I like getting lost, but only if it is a "controlled" lost. I know what you're thinking, that a "controlled" lost isn't really lost and that it's an oxymoron, but just run with me here. On my way home from the bridal shower, I chose to take a long and unknown way home (with my trusty GPS and google maps ready to save me just in case). Driving through the country-side was fun and the view was gorgeous, made even better by the oncoming storm clouds. I don't know about you but there is something about super dark clouds rolling in a sunny day that I find breathtaking. Anyway, I rounded a corner and one of the most incredible sites lay before me. It was nothing but rolling green hills, speckled by trees and farm animals. I tried to take a picture of it, but once again it doesn't do it justice:

3. I took Monday off after a hectic weekend and at first I had all these plans that I was going to do but when Monday came I didn't do a whole lot of anything, and for once I was totally ok with it. Normally on weekends if I sit on the couch doing nothing I feel guilty about it, but this time I just.......let go. I'm noticing as I get older I'm starting to chill out a little, not a lot (let's not get crazy here!) but I'm definitely starting to relax a little. It's a nice feeling. 

4. Squish loves me, this I'm sure of, but I'm pretty sure he isn't the lovey, cuddly type like Nibbler is and just puts up with me. This became pretty evident this week. When I come home I always pick up both boys and greet them (hello, how was your day, did you miss your mommy, i missed you!) and then give them kisses and a couple belly rubs and put them down. Squish will normally put his ears back and look at me like "get it over with woman" but this week I noticed as soon as I picked him up he would put his ears back and put the top of his head down so I could give him his obligatory kiss and then he'd look at me like, there I did it, get off me. It's hilarious, I even forced Squish to deal with me a few extra times to show Dave and he did it then too. Now don't get me wrong, Squish will cuddle and love me, but he shows his affection more with Dave and I'll get the rare cuddle and purr (mainly when I'm sick). But when it happens, I appreciate it all the more. Notice the paws in the picture below:

Ears back, head down....let's get this done and over with ma
5. Dave came home Wednesday night and asked me if I ever listened to the lyrics of Hootie and the Blowfish's "I only want to be with you" and proceeded to play the song, telling me that most of the verses in the song relate to us (mainly in the first section). It was so sweet, and I love it when he tells me about things that makes him think of us. Maybe he thinks about me half as much as I think about him? Haha, anyway, whenever I hear the song I'll definitely smile and think of our relationship. 

That's all for this week, I'm going to go nurse my sun burnt arms after being outside all day Thursday. I'm as crispy as a piece of bacon! Have a good weekend!