Monday, April 1, 2013

What's Black and White and Lace All Over?

Ok well not really but I really like the title and thought it was creative, just work with me here, ok?

Anyway, have you ever had a particular outfit, shirt, pants, shoes, whatever, that just made you feel like you were owning it? This little get up here was doing that for me the other day:

I know its not much, but it was so comfy and cute, plus I got a bunch of compliments for it. So this was a great outfit day, and it made me feel good, so I had to share it. It was the end of the day so I had taken off all the accessories I wore with it, which were a watch and earrings, and of course, my wedding rings. I keep things pretty simple.

I love having days like this. If you are rocking a great outfit, or hairstyle, or whatever, it just boosts your self esteem, which automatically puts you in a good mood. Its like having a shot of endorphins just coursing through your body to make you happy all day long. Think about it, if you have a day where you are just feeling gorgeous, what are the chances of that day going bad?

Top: Kohl's
Bottoms: Banana Republic
Shoes: Ebay

P.S. The placement of the pic and the way I'm looking makes it look like I'm gazing lovingly at myself in my "about me" pic....which is hilarious.