Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things are Sweeter in Tennessee...

I was married a little over year and a half ago. We took our honeymoon to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and I am pretty sure I left a chunk of me there when I left. In fact I'm certain of it. There are times, and it happens more often then not, where a little piece of my heart yearns for that place. I've never had such a connection to one place. Since we came back I've longed to see the rolling hills and the crisp mountain air...

This was the view off the deck in the chalet we stayed at. We woke up every morning and had some french vanilla cappachino and watched the sun rise and then had dinner every night on the deck watching the sun set. This was heaven.

Life is so much different down there, everyone is laid back and super nice; the food tastes so good but is so bad for you, and no one judges you for it. Up here you take an extra slice of pizza something's wrong with you, down there you DON'T go for that extra pat of butter, something's wrong with you. We went to the Pancake Pantry (my mouth is watering just thinking about their food) and they literally have a bowl (and not some little bowl, like a mixing bowl!) full of butter just chilling in the server area for them to scoop some on to your plate before they gave it to you.

There were no worries, even when we went four wheeling off the side of a mountain or zip lining, which was breathtakingly beautiful. The people who ran both events for us were so chill and laid back, it was like we were just some best friends hanging out for the day, not some yankee tourists with their southern hosts. Sorry guys my pictures do not do this place justice:

I would go back there in a heartbeat and relive every moment all over again. Heck, if I could move down there I would, no hestiation. It's only a 12 hour drive, Ma! But alas, life has other plans for Dave and I, so I'll just have to remember sweet Tennessee fondly and try to quiet the yearning in my heart for a simpler life there.

"Maybe I was much too selfish
But baby you're still on my mind
Now I'm grown and all alone
And wishing I was with you tonight
'Cause I can guarantee
Things are sweeter in Tennessee"

-"Tennessee" -The Wreckers