Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Nibbler, wondering why I take so many pictures of him

These past few weeks have been a bit rough on Nibbler. He's a lot like me in the sense that he likes things a certain way and doesn't like it when things deviate from that. It started with us moving everything upstairs to the downstairs of our home to get ready for the new carpet that was going to be installed. Then it was the guys in our house installing the carpeting (who knew installing carpeting would be so loud) and now its us moving (very slooooooooowly) everything back upstairs.We have a cat door installed on our basement door so that we can keep the door closed but the cats are still able to use the litter box in the basement. Whenever Nibs gets scared he sits at the top of the basement steps peering through the door, just enough to see what's going on but far enough away from all the action.

While I totally feel Nibbler's "pain" and feel bad for the little dude, his loyalty and trust in me has been evident because of all this and it has made me feel so special. You see, every time I come home, whether he is hiding or not, the moment he sees me or hears my voice he comes running. The other day Dave was hammering away at something and Nibbler had taken his post at the basement steps. I walked over to the kitty door and tapped on the plastic. He looked up and saw me and burst through the door into my arms, he was so happy to have me home, loud noises aside.

Our neighborhood watch, nothing's getting by this one!

The day we had the carpeting installed was particularly rough for Nibsy, he went all the way into the basement and hid underneath a couch for most of the day. Periodically I would go down to check on him or switch over laundry and I would sing out his name or coo to him "Nibsy, as long as Momma's around you'll always be safe" which would get him to cautiously come out. We'd then lock eyes and he'd come running into my arms again, purring. Then when I'd go back up he'd crawl back under the couch and wait for me to return. At one point I got one of Dave's shirts out of the dryer and covered him in it on top of the couch, which got him to stay, but for the most part he just wasn't having all the chaos. 

So what's the point of all this, you're wondering? Have I just gone crazy cat lady on you? Well first off, I haven't just gone crazy cat lady, I've pretty much been this obsessed since the day I brought these two home. The reason I am writing this is to share the immense love, loyalty, and trust that Nibbler showed me these past few weeks. I'm sure a few of you have smiled as you were reading this thinking about your own sweet pet. He and I have always had a very strong bond to each other, but I never realized how much he relied on me. I figured it was always one sided and that he just put up with his crazy, obsessive, overly-loving mama because I fed him but that isn't the case. He really needs me as much as I need him. 

It warms my heart and of course makes me even more of a crazier lioness when it comes to protecting my babies now. Because now I know he's relying on me. 

I love this sweet moment between us

It's one of the greatest feelings to be truly loved by your pet. You will never find a more unconditional love. It's even more amazing when you know they need you just as much as you need them, it really makes me feel special, like I'm the only person in the world for this cat. He's my kitty soul mate.... OK now I've really gone crazy. And before ya'll start hollering that I'm playing favorites, I'm not, Squish makes me feel loved too and we have our special moments as well!

But seriously, I can't be the only one with this crazy bond to their pet right? Someone out there has to have or have had a pet that made them feel just as needed and wanted and loved, right?