Friday, April 12, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

1. I walked around Joanne's Fabrics last Friday to get craft ideas for the blog as well as get some ideas for around the house projects, etc. It's been a while since I went craft shopping and I forgot how much I enjoyed walking around and getting the creative juices flowing in my head. It'll take some time to get everything I want created, written down and posted for the blog but just getting the ideas was super exciting.

2. Monday I was just I was just bummed out for no reason, have you ever had a day like that? I hate those kinds of days. Anyway, I texted Dave that I was feeling blue and he immediately started sending suggestions to lift my mood, go outside on the patio, work on your blog (I'm telling you guys, he is so supportive with this, it's amazing), but nothing seemed to work.

He had to work late and pulled in the driveway at 7. I had his dinner sitting in the kitchen waiting for him to heat it up but instead he tells me to get in the car, but wouldn't say where we are going. He ended up taking me to Rita's, our first visit this year, and as usual it was awesome (BTW, if you haven't heard of Rita's, they are this great company that is only open during the warm months and they serve really good water ice and custard). My mood totally lifted, and it wasn't because of where we went or the custard I ate (although I'm sure that helped), it was the fact that Dave put so much thought and effort to perk me up and it reminded me how amazing he is, what a great husband he is, and how lucky I am to call him mine.

3. This week, the weather finally warmed up--fast! Last week, it was 50 degree weather, this week 80-90 degrees! While it would be nice to have a slower warm up, I enjoy the warm weather. One of my favorite things about the summer is sleeping with the fan on. I love it! The rhythmic humming of the blades lulls me to sleep and keeps me in a nice, deep slumber, which I was able to enjoy this week. If I could sleep with a fan on year round and choose between hot and cold air I totally would.

4. I love surprises. I was heading out to walk on my lunch break on Wednesday when my best friend Becca handed me a vanilla flavored frozen yogurt. So before I ate it I went on my walk and just made sure to hoof it a bit faster to make up for the deliciousness that I knew I was going to devour when I went back to work. And oh my gosh was it amazing.

The best part about the whole surprise? Trying something new. Becca chose toppings that I probably would have never grouped together but I'm glad she did, because it was sooooooo good:  fresh strawberries, chocolate jimmies, and a broken up waffle cone.

Who doesn't love a little surprise from your best friend to feel loved, right?

Speaking of Becca, I have to give her even more props...she is always reads my posts and comments, in fact she is the only person who has commented so far. The support and enthusiasm she has shown me and this blog is amazing, I am really lucky to have her for a friend.

5. We got new carpeting this weekend, and I love the feeling of soft, plush carpeting. Monday morning, the first day after we had it installed, I hopped out of bed to hit snooze on my alarm for the first time out of ten (seriously, I have the thing across the room and I still hit the snooze for a good half hour before I officially get out and stay out of bed). Anyway, as soon as my bare feet hit the floor my first thought was, wait did I lose a pillow in the middle of the night--to be fair, this was Monday morning after a looooong Sunday and it was 5 am. I eventually remembered it was just the new carpeting but either way it feels so good on my toes!

That's all for this week so here's to good friends, great husbands, trying something new and enjoying ourselves. Happy Friday!