Friday, April 5, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

It's Friday again, so time for EOTWR. This week, like the past few, was pretty uneventful, which is normally what happens when you are too busy with school and life to do anything else, but no complaints here.

1. Dave and I had to clear out our upstairs to make room for carpeting. I downloaded an app on my phone that lets me keep track of all the books I own and who I lend them out to, because I do it all the time and can't remember for the life of me who I gave what to and don't always get them back. Anyway, I took this opportunity to go through and enter in all my books and when I was done I had 205 books, which is crazy considering six years ago I was lucky if I had maybe 10 to my name. Its been a lifelong dream of mine to own a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast:

Now I know that most likely I will never own a house even remotely big enough to fit this library in, but I still would love to have a room devoted to books and a reading nook, my own little library. With that in mind, I think having 205 books is a good base for my little sanctuary, and that's pretty awesome.

2. Sunday was Easter, and Dave and I went to dinner at one of his family member's houses. We had an amazing meal but what really made my day was spending time with our little cousin, Mia, who is six. When it came time to sit down at dinner Mia realized she wasn't sitting next to me but across from me and it upset her. I was washing my hands in another room at the time but could hear everyone try to reason with her, explaining that I was sitting across from her so she could see me, but she just was not having it.  I was so flattered, it made me feel so good to think that she chose me to be near her and no one else was good enough. Seriously, kids have a way of just making your whole day.

3. Teen Book Club met this week, I didn't get a chance to see all the teens, but it gave me an opportunity to talk one on one with one of the more quiet girls (one, one, one, I think I need a thesaurus) while her brother looked for books. It was nice to finally get a chance to connect with her, which I really haven't been able to do before. I don't know if this will have an effect on our relationship in the future or not, but the fact that it even occurred is something to be thankful for. This month, I am having them read the epic poems "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and "Christabel", I'm really excited to see what they think of both of these works, they are some of my favorites.

4. Speaking of the library, it's amazing how many parents come in begging for book suggestions for their kids because they cannot get enough of reading. It makes my heart soar, I love hearing this! I had one mom come in Wednesday and literally check out an entire series that I suggested for her son because she knew he'd just blow through all of them. Which is another thing, I love, love, love it when people actually take my suggestions to heart, especially when they rave about them when they come back the next time. I think I might create a post in the near future of book suggestions for teens/kids for when parents need ideas.

5. This is Gabby (and me, of course):

If you can't tell who is who, it's o.k., she's like a little mini-me, she is on the right. I met Gabby our sophomore year in college (so her second and my fiftieth...I kid, somewhat) and at first I wasn't sure what to think of her. She took my seat our second class together and I was ready to put her on my poo list for it but then we got to chatting and I realized how much alike we are. Among other things she's neurotic and anxious, so am I. She is incredibly intelligent and genuiunely a sweet gal. Gabby graduated last year and asked me to watch her walk. It was such an honor for her to ask this of me, I watched her on my laptop at home and blubbered when they called her name, like she was my own sister; I was so proud of her.  Gabby and I have been able to stand the test of time, friendship-wise, making it a point to meet up every once in a while and catch up. She is one of those people that I see being friends with for life, and its always a good time just catching up with her.

By the way, thanks Gabs for getting me my 205th book and rounding out my book collection to a nice, neat number, it quieted the OCD in me for the time being. 

Enjoy the weekend!