Monday, March 25, 2013

What's in a Name?

I think it might be good to address the blog's unique name...because if anyone is reading this right now, you are probably wondering more about the name than about anything else.

So first things first...dramastically. What the heck is that? Here's the back story: one day my husband, Dave, was telling me a story. I don't remember the details because it was a few years ago but what stuck was the fact that his mouth was  moving faster than his mind and he blurted out "dramastically" instead of dramatically or drastically and we've used the word to describe anything drastic or dramatic since. Sadly, I thought we created this new word all on our own, however looks like the Beastie Boys already beat me to it. Oh well.

Ironically enough, when I'm talking now I'll blurt it out like its a regular word and not even realize it. It's like I lost the ability to say the words dramatically or drastically (I even had to delete them twice now because I typed out dramastically...yikes!)

As for the rest of the name? Well, its simple. We (or at least I did) have this idea or plan in our heads of how we expect our lives to turn out. When I was 16, I had this idea in my head of when I was going to be done certain milestones in my life, school, marriage, babies, etc. Now at 27, everything I had planned is so dramastically different from what I ended up doing. Some of it was really tough, some of it was really awesome but in the end, I'm pretty happy with how it's all turned out so far, even if it is really far off from what I was expecting.

So that's my name in a nutshell....happy Monday!