Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rather Waste Some Time With You...

I love nights like tonight...wasting time with my husband. Literally wasting time. Now before you gasp in horror at the prospect of wasting precious time, please hear me out.

Nights like this are few and far between, but they are so incredibly relaxing, I cherish these precious moments. I have a pretty crazy schedule between school, work and volunteering at my local library that I don't have much downtime. I'm sure there is a mom or two out there (or hundreds) having a good laugh at me right now (free time, what's that?), but the point is, I'm busy and I rarely get to chill out. 

Anyway, I've been home sick the past few days and when that happens I search through the app store to see if I can find any new games, which I happened to do yesterday. The game itself doesn't matter (it was "What's that Phrase?" if you must know), what does matter is that tonight, the whole night, Dave and I sat in the living room without the TV on, with no music, no background noise at all, just playing this game back and forth. A few heckles were thrown back and forth, some good laughs, and even a helping hint here or there. Three hours, literally wasted, just having some friendly competition with the hubs.

And it felt so nice.