Friday, March 29, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

Week two of EOTWR (and I'm already abbreviating), this week was pretty uneventful. But that is not always necessarily a bad thing.


 This thought-provoking bumper sticker I saw on my way home one night.

This is something I absolutely need to keep in mind. I am constantly overthinking things, getting silly ideas conjured up in my head and it makes me really mess with myself.

2. Having a good hair day, or make up day, or wearing an outfit that just makes you feel like you're killing it. I had one of those days Monday when I wore a new shirt. I'll probably post the pic this coming Monday, if I can get the wording of the post right, it sounds a bit hokey right now. Anyway, when you have a day where you are rocking it, it does wonders for your self esteem.

3. Catching Nibbler in action:

I am a terrible photographer (my hands are shaky, I'm slow, I don't know a thing about lighting) so when I caught this moment not only was it really awesome to see but it proves that I am capable of at least moving fast enough to get a cool picture...once every twenty odd years or so. And yes, I know the lighting is terrible.

Doesn't he look so ferocious? I love it!


Flowers from Dave on Thursday (yesterday) because it was a frustrating day. I feel really lucky to have someone who cares enough to do everything he can to make a bad day good. I really appreciate him for everything.

5. Happy mistakes. So I ordered this and this on Sunday for an upcoming event, for whatever reason I was having issues getting my 10% discount before I actually processed the order. Because it was a Sunday I figured no one would be available on the phones so I sent an email to customer service at Banana Republic requesting they modify my order and give me the discount, if possible. Then I saw they did have Sunday call center hours so I called and the guy I talked to gave me the discount. Then on Monday I got an email from Banana's email rep who told me she didn't realize I had already gotten the discount and gave it to me again. So I technically got 20% off. Not a huge amount, but its the little things.

If you celebrate it, Happy Easter! If not, happy "just another regular" weekend!