Friday, March 29, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

Week two of EOTWR (and I'm already abbreviating), this week was pretty uneventful. But that is not always necessarily a bad thing.


 This thought-provoking bumper sticker I saw on my way home one night.

This is something I absolutely need to keep in mind. I am constantly overthinking things, getting silly ideas conjured up in my head and it makes me really mess with myself.

2. Having a good hair day, or make up day, or wearing an outfit that just makes you feel like you're killing it. I had one of those days Monday when I wore a new shirt. I'll probably post the pic this coming Monday, if I can get the wording of the post right, it sounds a bit hokey right now. Anyway, when you have a day where you are rocking it, it does wonders for your self esteem.

3. Catching Nibbler in action:

I am a terrible photographer (my hands are shaky, I'm slow, I don't know a thing about lighting) so when I caught this moment not only was it really awesome to see but it proves that I am capable of at least moving fast enough to get a cool picture...once every twenty odd years or so. And yes, I know the lighting is terrible.

Doesn't he look so ferocious? I love it!


Flowers from Dave on Thursday (yesterday) because it was a frustrating day. I feel really lucky to have someone who cares enough to do everything he can to make a bad day good. I really appreciate him for everything.

5. Happy mistakes. So I ordered this and this on Sunday for an upcoming event, for whatever reason I was having issues getting my 10% discount before I actually processed the order. Because it was a Sunday I figured no one would be available on the phones so I sent an email to customer service at Banana Republic requesting they modify my order and give me the discount, if possible. Then I saw they did have Sunday call center hours so I called and the guy I talked to gave me the discount. Then on Monday I got an email from Banana's email rep who told me she didn't realize I had already gotten the discount and gave it to me again. So I technically got 20% off. Not a huge amount, but its the little things.

If you celebrate it, Happy Easter! If not, happy "just another regular" weekend!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Worth the Time

Shift by Jennifer Bradbury is definitely a good read and worth the time. It's a young adult novel about two best friends who decide to take a cross country trip on their bikes after graduating from high school. When Win mysteriously disappears, Chris returns home without his best friend and has to put up with the subsequent investigation by the FBI and Win's overbearing, controlling father. The story shifts (sorry) between the "present" where Chris is trying to deal with the investigation and the "past" where we experience the bike trip between the boys and learn about Win's disappearance.

I loved this book, it was a quick read for me because I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed the way the story flipped between past and present. Bradbury gives us clues in the present and then we learn the significance of it in the next chapter when we read about what happened in the past. I'm a fast reader, meaning that I scan most things and don't pick up minor details, it also means that I don't remember or connect clues in books if they are not immediately presented to me (I know its a bad way to read, trying to break the habit but it's tough!). This book was really good for me because I didn't have to wait long to find out the importance of one clue to the next. I think it really helped me appreciate how the story line evolved. The story is unique and out of the norm, which is another plus. There are so many sci-fi dystopian novels out there (and I'm as much of a fan of those as the next, but it's getting a bit old), it's refreshing to read something completely different.

Since this book isn't like any other that I've read I don't have any suggestions, like "if you liked xyz, you'll love this!", but I would strongly recommend it if you want to try out a new book. And hey, while your at it, support your local library by checking the book out from them, they'll love the patronage and it'll save you some cash and who doesn't like that?

Happy reading!

Monday, March 25, 2013

What's in a Name?

I think it might be good to address the blog's unique name...because if anyone is reading this right now, you are probably wondering more about the name than about anything else.

So first things first...dramastically. What the heck is that? Here's the back story: one day my husband, Dave, was telling me a story. I don't remember the details because it was a few years ago but what stuck was the fact that his mouth was  moving faster than his mind and he blurted out "dramastically" instead of dramatically or drastically and we've used the word to describe anything drastic or dramatic since. Sadly, I thought we created this new word all on our own, however looks like the Beastie Boys already beat me to it. Oh well.

Ironically enough, when I'm talking now I'll blurt it out like its a regular word and not even realize it. It's like I lost the ability to say the words dramatically or drastically (I even had to delete them twice now because I typed out dramastically...yikes!)

As for the rest of the name? Well, its simple. We (or at least I did) have this idea or plan in our heads of how we expect our lives to turn out. When I was 16, I had this idea in my head of when I was going to be done certain milestones in my life, school, marriage, babies, etc. Now at 27, everything I had planned is so dramastically different from what I ended up doing. Some of it was really tough, some of it was really awesome but in the end, I'm pretty happy with how it's all turned out so far, even if it is really far off from what I was expecting.

So that's my name in a nutshell....happy Monday!

Friday, March 22, 2013

End of the Week Roundup

This week wasn't great--I was sick for most of it--but nevertheless I'm still grateful for it! Here's the roundup for this week:

1. Finally starting this blog. I've been wanting to do it for a while, I have a lot of ideas....we'll see how it turns out. I still have some cleaning up to do and some tweaking, right now its rough around the edges, but I have some grand plans for this.

2. Meet "Nurse" Squishee:

I have two cats, trust me you'll hear a TON about these two, they are amazing!

Anyway, Squish is more my husband's cat, in the sense that he prefers to lay with him and just put up with me. Buuuuut, when I'm sick he goes into "nurse" mode and stays with me all day. Its such a great feeling having something care so much and stay by my side all day: where I goes he goes; when I sit, curled up under covers he finds a nook on my lap and curls up with me.

My favorite moment? I had a terrible migraine and tried to sleep but kept waking up, every time I woke up he would purr and lull me back to sleep. You see his purrs are less vocal and more physical, you can't hear him purr but you can feel him purr.

Nibbler is my other cat, "my" cat. Like I said, you'll hear a ton about these guys in the future, so I'll stop for now.

3. My nephews. I don't have any kids yet so I get to dote on my nephews. Sadly, they live a few hours away from me so I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. This past weekend they stayed at my mother in law's house so we stopped up to visit. I was starting to feel the effects of the sinus cold that kicked my butt this week and was in a pretty bad mood....until I walked through the door to two smiling faces. Kids have this uncanny ability to turn any situation around, I left in such high spirits.

We hung out, played with whoopee cushions (farts are, apparently, funny at any age), and then played "dog pile". This is where they all just jump on one person. I was just standing to the side taking pictures and watching from the sidelines when Jacob, the almost three year old, ran over to me and proceeded to "dog pile" me, as evidenced by the below photo. It felt nice being included, it means that he likes me, which I'm over the moon about, because Aunt or not, he doesn't have to....

4. This moment. I'm not going to go into more detail, it was my first post, this is my need to bore you again. Let's just say it was a much needed break from the world.

5. Lastly, this fortune cookie fortune (that's a bit repetitive, sorry):
Enough said.

Have a great week! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rather Waste Some Time With You...

I love nights like tonight...wasting time with my husband. Literally wasting time. Now before you gasp in horror at the prospect of wasting precious time, please hear me out.

Nights like this are few and far between, but they are so incredibly relaxing, I cherish these precious moments. I have a pretty crazy schedule between school, work and volunteering at my local library that I don't have much downtime. I'm sure there is a mom or two out there (or hundreds) having a good laugh at me right now (free time, what's that?), but the point is, I'm busy and I rarely get to chill out. 

Anyway, I've been home sick the past few days and when that happens I search through the app store to see if I can find any new games, which I happened to do yesterday. The game itself doesn't matter (it was "What's that Phrase?" if you must know), what does matter is that tonight, the whole night, Dave and I sat in the living room without the TV on, with no music, no background noise at all, just playing this game back and forth. A few heckles were thrown back and forth, some good laughs, and even a helping hint here or there. Three hours, literally wasted, just having some friendly competition with the hubs.

And it felt so nice.